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Mar 29, 2019


Jay (@DietJay) and Remy (@RemyKassimir) discuss 2019's Best Picture winner Green Book, another classic "white guy learns how to not be racist" movie that feels designed from the top down to trick dumb people into believing they're watching something smart and...

Mar 25, 2019


Jay (@DietJay) and Liv (@LivAuerbach) discuss 2018's worldwide phenomenon Crazy Rich Asians, a movie that may break ground when it comes to representation in the film business, but does absolutely nothing new or interesting to the actual romantic comedy genre –...

Mar 22, 2019

Jay (@DietJay) and J.F. (@jfharris) discuss Jim Jarmusch's The Limits Of Control, a strange misfire in the career of a beloved eccentric that takes a hitman movie and turns it into a movie that can't stop screaming about how cool and artsy it is for the entire two hours. You know, a real fun watch!

Mar 18, 2019

Jay (@DietJay) and Justin (@therealjustintrue) talk about the Shia LeBeouf debacle known as Charlie Countryman, a movie that manages to blend surrealism, a fish-out-of-water comedy, and a gangster love story into an incomprehensible slop that truly feels like a waste of time – and of Shia LeBeouf's...

Mar 15, 2019

Jay (@DietJay) and Tom (@faketomwhalen) discuss Into The Wild, the Sean Penn-directed biopic about wilderness explorer and young idiot Christopher McCandless. Tom thinks it's too long and gives people the wrong ideas about self-reliance, and Jay thinks it's one of the best cautionary tales he's ever seen. Who's right?